A New Way to Reach Consumers

Users can interact with your products within each publication

Publishers can sell your products through their content

Pixbi offers retailers a way to reach audiences in a way like no others can. Consumers can easily discover products within these publications and have the ability to learn more about the products featured on an editorial simply by tapping on a product tag. Products can be shared with friends and family, save for later and purchased right from the publication itself.

Key benefits for retailers:

By partnering with Pixbi, consumers will have an engaging experience interacting with your products. Our platform helps brands increase sales, reach and brand awareness.

Native Advertisements

Unlike banner ads, the product information is front, center and embedded into the native content


Each publisher controls a specific demographic and interest that you can gain insight into

Engaged Audience

Our publisher’s have carefully curated content that millions of readers spend time viewing

Social Media

Readers have the ability to share your products they find in each publication


Obtain analytics and insight from product interaction, with data points on what products interest readers


97% of product interactions happen on mobile devices, Pixbi continues to enhance our mobile focus

Grab the top spot and increase your product views

While readers interact with products from publications, products display from one retailer at a time. Interested in being the retailer that shows up every time a reader taps on a product tag?

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Interested in having Pixbi for your lookbooks, catalogs, billboards or posters?
All we need is a PDF and we can link everything directly to your site.

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