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We keep our culture evolving to suit everyone’s needs so that we can all get the most out of our experience here. Because great ideas usually have strange and unexpected origins, we make it a paramount concern to allow everything to be open for conversation. Working here is about growing.

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Front End Developer

Front-end development is just an occupation. What we really hunt for are creative engineers. We become terribly, almost embarrassingly, excited when we meet a developer who is passionate about perfecting how to wield the latest technologies as a toolset for making the web change all of our lives. If you’re as passionate about the web as we are, then send us some code to tell us more about yourself.

Back End Developer

The backend of Pixbi is built on creative solutions to interesting problems. It's irrelevant to us which tools you've mastered - what matters is your ability to dream and your willingness to learn.

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If you're ready to join the culture and venture into the cold, dark, exciting unknown, then tell us who you are and why you matter.

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