Pixbi for Websites

Finally understand what your readers are most interested in

With just a product page links, Pixbi:

  • Automatically fills in the product information, price comparison and reviews

  • Immediately affiliates the product links with your VigLink account

  • Seamlessly integrates with any product across the web (No coding necessary!)

  • Empowers your readers: Product tags can be turned on/off or even minimized

  • Does not alter any of the content of your site

  • Works on all devices

  • Provides never before seen analytics for reader engagement

What We Have Seen from Publishers Using Pixbi

  • Increased time spent in their website

  • Increased return rate of viewers

  • Conversion rates of 10%

  • An average of $1,000 of sales for every 10,000 viewers

  • Every viewer interacts with at least one product