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If you have any questions on Pixbi or the space in general please message Ryan at ryan@pixbi.com

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Striving to make product discovery possible in every image, everywhere

Pixbi started with digital magazines, by embedding product tags into the digital formats of magazine publications. With the ability to learn and discover products within each page, users are able to view items, share them with friends and family or purchase the product on the spot. Through this initial phase, we enhanced subscriber engagement and improve subscriber retention rates in each issue.

Let your readers view save share and purchase products directly from your images while remaining in your site

Pixbi is now moving to the web providing the same great functionally found in some of the most popular digital magazines. The platform allows publishers to tag any image on their site with any product from across the web simply from a product page link.

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Providing access to more products across media platforms

By downloading the Pixbi app, users can take product discovery on the go. Simply scan the cover of a print magazine to load the issue and product tags will instantly appear on the screen. This augmented reality experience allows users to interact with products within images across print publications. Got the app? Click Here and put it to the test.

Working With Us

Reach consumers with an interactive publication, which allows them to discover products from major retailers. When you work with Pixbi, we handle everything. From image identification to product tagging, we do all the work.

As a Publisher

Our product database of roughly 300 million products makes it possible for almost every product you show to be tagged. We have partnered with every major retailer and can bring on select retailers/boutiques your publication needs. Our proprietary platform creates a unique experience for your readers so they can share, save and purchase products without leaving your publication. Pixbi has proven to increase time spent in the publication, return rates and general viewership.

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As a Retailer

No other platform allows you to reach consumers in such a unique environment. Not only are readers engaged but they are interacting with products that are embedded in native content. With the added functionality, Pixbi consumers can view, save, share and purchase your product while remaining in the publication. Due to the engaged audience our conversion rates are 40x the average.

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Start interacting with images and discover products to view, save, share or purchase.

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